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Name:Gabrielle of Poteidaia
Birthdate:Nov 8
Location:United States of America

Gabrielle of Poteidaia

"You're waiting for the right moment to say 'I told you so,' aren't you?"
"Nope. I'm waiting for you to say it for me."

-- Gabrielle and Xena

"She's annoying. How do you put up with her?"
-- Ephiny to Xena

"You can't sweet-talk information out of me. Wrong target."
"Oh, I don't know. Some people consider me the king of sweet-talk."
"Well, hand over the crown, 'cause you just met your match. When I was five, I talked my parents into giving me my own pony."
"When I was fifteen, I talked a warlord into giving me his army."
"I once talked a Cyclops out of his dinner. And I was the dinner!"

-- Gabrielle and Petracles

"How do you put up with that girl?"
-- Toris to Xena

"If she had hit him an inch lower, she could have killed the monster."
"She knew that. That’s why he’s still alive."

-- Galen and Xena

"I just thought of something. You’re a warrior princess and I’m an Amazon princess. That is going to make such a great story!"
-- Gabrielle to Xena

Character Name: Gabrielle of Poteidaia
Age: 15
Class: Sophomore
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green
Height: 5'3"
Abs: of Steel
Fandom:Xena: Warrior Princess
Email Address: rpg . shanie @ gmail . com
Voicemail Link:555-BARD
Living Arrangements: Room 218 with Karla ([info]glacial_witch)
Summer 2009 Session 2 Cabins: Galaxy Quest B4 with Claire Bennet Butler ([info]wantstocheer), Rosemarie Hathaway([info]guardianborn), Jaina Solo ([info]solo_sword), Fiona Paige Post ([info]cutsthestrings), Diana Hansen ([info]oops_mbad), Valentine Wiggin([info]a_demosthenes), and Jennifer Sparks ([info]ashockingbitch)


Summer 2009 Workshops, Session 1
Drama 101 (Devereaux) - Monday, 2nd Period
Logically Speaking (Suresh) - Tuesday, 6th Period
My Life as a Buddy Movie (Loki) - Wednesday, 2nd Period

Summer 2009 Workshops, Session 2
Criminal Justice (Gibbs) - Wednesday, 3rd Period
Basic Sword Skills (Maximus) - Thursday, 3rd Period

Fall 2009
Adventures in Literature (Demon) - Wednesday, 3rd Period
Driver's Ed (David) - Thursday, 2nd Period

Spring 2010
Monomyth (Cinderella) - Tuesday, 3rd Period
Battles That Changed History (Rogers) - Friday, 2nd Period

Summer 2010, Session 1
Dogma: Fuck It! (Loki) - Wednesday, 1st Period
The Great Outdoors (Fraser) - Friday, 1st Period


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